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Introducing Chat Chums®

human and animal avatars

We have a wide-array of human male and female avatars. We also have an assortment of animal avatars you can choose to make your very own Chat Chum. We also have several different voices you can use or if you choose, we can also record and build your voice or the voice of your business' spokesperson. The possibilities are truly endless!

Anticipate your visitors questions

Anticipate your visitors questions with smart A.I technology and conversational marketing. Plus, take advantage of our revolutionary chat-tree technology, enhancing the realistic behavior of your Chat Chum. Schedule your free live demo today to see Chat Chums in action for your business!

Automatic language translation

Operating an online business means that anyone from anywhere can visit your site, including visitors who do not speak your native language and cannot read the text on your site. With Chat Chums™ patented artificial intelligence, your Chat Chum sees where your visitors are coming from and automatically speaks to your visitors in their native language! There is no other chatbot technology on the market that can do what Chat Chums can do! You can now serve anyone from anywhere. With Chat Chums, there are no limits!

No Hosting Needed.

100% Cloud-hosted. There is no software to download and install on your computer or mobile device. We take care of hosing your Chat Chum for you!


Frequently asked questions

Chat Chum is a revolutionary cloud-based chatbot and live chat service exclusively from Road To Rule media group. Chat Chum features a 3D human or animal figure on your website or landing page that has the ability to schedule appointments, direct visitors to videos or blog posts, give coupons, and much, much more! You can also opt for a realistic human spokesperson, or you can become the Chat Chum yourself! Setup your free consultation to get a personalized demo showing the power of Chat Chums™ for your business or personal brand!

There is no fixed cost for Chat Chum, because the final cost is dependent on the features and options you want us to build into your custom Chat Chum to define its unique character. Tap here to setup a free consultation to further learn more about the costs and fees associated with owning your very own custom Chat Chum.

You can also contact us by phone at (830) 715.5500 or chat with us on Facebook Messenger.

Yes! It does not matter what industry, you can get a custom Chat Chum for your business or personal brand that works according to your specifications. We will work with you in developing and building a custom Chatbot solution. And, there is nothing to download. Chat Chum is cloud-hosted, which means you don’t have to do anything, except sit back and let your Chat Chum go to work for you! And, unlike human beings who need to sleep at night, your Chat Chum is always on and ready to greet visitors to your site or landing page. Chat Chums works great on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones! Setup your free consultation to get started!

You can also contact us phone at (830) 715.5500 or chat with us on Facebook Messenger.


We would love to show you a live demo of Chat Chum! It’s a great way for you to get a feel for how a Chat Chum would look on your website or landing page! Schedule a free consultation now. We will walk you through a live demo, while answering any questions you have. There is no obligation to buy and no purchase necessary to schedule your very own live demo! 

You can also contact us phone at (830) 715.5500 or chat with us on Facebook Messenger.


Chat Chum™ is a cross platform chatbot and live chat app that works on all devices. Contact us to learn more about Chat Chum™.

Our clients say

My clients have all asked me how I got a real person talking on my site. I'm the only business in my local area with a chat chum and it has helped me to stand out from the crowd in a really fun and cool way! Everyone who comes into my business comments about the chat chum. Its a real attention getter! And, thank you to Jay for making the setup process so easy!
Jennifer Wells
Licensed Masseuse
I invested in getting a chat chum for my website and my visitors love it! I don't even have forms on my site anymore for capturing visitor data, because the chat chum does everything I need. I have been able to capture much more information from visitors and customers from using my chat chum than I ever was able to collect with a boring old form.
Kerra Taylor
When I first saw Chat Chums, I had to have one built for my brand. I have since had my latest promo offer go through the roof! Chat Chums are a lot better than traditional chat bots because its more humanizing for visitors to see an actual person, even though its not a real person... I love my chat chum!
Sean Daniels
Web Designer
Awesome app! I love it! I have noticed lately I am getting less pre-sales questions from visitors, because my chat chum takes care of all the frontend stuff, which frees me up more time to do other things in my business. Thank you, Road To Rule!
James Patterson

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